Purchasing lawn supplies for your ready made turf

Having a well established lawn is wonderful to admire as a homeowner . With the luscious look, feel and minimal time it takes to have a ready made lawn laid down its no wonder it’s a popular growing trend.

There are many important things to remember when you own ready made turf. In order to keep it looking luscious and green for quite a long period of time without replacing it, minimal maintenance is needed to be performed on a regular basis. Here are some tips to help.
  • Purchasing some lawn supplies which may include weed treatment, fertiliser for lawns, insect treatment and many more is one way to keep those nasty pests from damaging the turf.
  • Using the mower and whipper snipper to keep the coverage low. This will encourage new shoots to grow by getting rid of the dead ends and help the grass grow evenly with regular trimming.
  • Investing in a watering system or using a sprinkler to help keep the soil slightly moist for continued growth. Especially in the warmer climate the soil may dry up to much allowing the growth of the grass to become slower or potentially stop growing, wilt and die in patches.
Different types of turf require various maintenance routines. To ensure you have chosen the right instant turf to suit your climate and schedule to be able to regularly maintain the luscious green turf, a little research may be required in order to keep your lawn happy and healthy.