Why is it better to Re-enamel Bathtub than replacing it

If you have a bathtub that has been in service for quite some time now and has lost its sheen, then it is time to re-enamel it. Most of the people in this scenario will simply be thinking of replacing the bathtub.

However, replacing should always be the last option. Re enamel bath looks just like new and cost very less.

Re-enamel bathtub in your bathroom can make the difference and the best thing is that it is cost as well as time efficient.  It can actually save you 80-90 percent of the amount, which you will pay for bath replacement.

Furthermore, you can re enamelling a bath yourself or hire a professional, it will always consume less time. As compared to the bathtub replacement, which takes almost 7-10 days, re-enameling can be completed within few days. In bath re enamel process, there is no demolition involved so the chances of damage to bathroom flooring or walls are negligible. Apart from that the whole process is mess free.

Although, you can re enamel a bathtub yourself, but hiring a professional is always a better option. With a professional you can always get better results, which are more pleasing to the eyes.