Genuine Timber Furniture Vs Imitation

When it comes to searching for the right type of timber furniture suitable to your needs, there are a few different aspects you need to consider.

It may be as simple as going out to find a piece you like and buying it straight from the shop. Unfortunately there is more important aspects to look at prior to selecting a piece. Depending on what type of piece you are look at purchasing, do you really know what your paying for on first glance of the piece.
Lets look closely at the may differences you can notice if you look closely and also the sturdiness of the piece.


  • Solid Timber Furniture - the strength of the piece you can identify by the weight as being quite a strong piece.
  • The coating - When you look at the piece you will notice the lacquer having a smooth finish without any air bubbles.


  • Hollow Timber Furniture - the piece would not be as strong and light in weight.
  • The coating - on first looking at the piece it may seem to have a shiny gloss lacquer applied to the surface but if you look closely you may feel the surface to be a lot courser and even have an unusual smell to the gloss.
When searching for the ideal piece of furniture, you are wanting to keep in your possession and be able pass onto friends or relatives. I would certainly recommend a genuine piece. Selecting an imitation piece may seem lower in price but due to the short longevity it may actually cost you more replacements.