Awesome 21st birthday party tips

Having a 21st birthday is a huge milestone. It represents adulthood. So it's no wonder so many people lash out and make it a celebration to remember.

Here are a few tips that will help you have a successful 21st. 


  • Finger food is always popular. Try to make sure all your guests are eating and that the ones that are drinking get some food in their stomach early. 
  • Make sure you get some vegetarian options to suit all the guests dietary requirements. 


  • If your providing the alcohol, be sure to get low alcohol options and soft drink also. Not all of the guests may want to drink. 
  • Ensure pourers are on any spirits so that guests stick to standard size alcoholic beverages.  


  • Host your party at a venue rather than your house to avoid the dreaded after party cleanup. 
  • Try to pick a venue central to all your guest to ensure you get optimal numbers for your party. 


  • Try to source music from all of your guests era's as not to exclude anyone from the fun. 
  • If possible hire a DJ, so there is someone for your guests to request tracks and to keep your guests entertained. 


  • Best to get these out of the way early in the night before everyone gets too drunk. 
  • Be sure to thank everyone who is important to you and also people who have travelled long distances to attend your party.

function room for 21st birthday, Melbourne